Cyberpilot vulnerability scanning

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With our vulnerability scanning tool, we will perform the scan for you and prepare a report with concrete suggestions and recommendations to correct the vulnerabilities.

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Our vulnerability scanning platform

Our vulnerability scans are based on the same method and tools that a malicious agent will use to assess a new target: where are the vulnerabilities that can be exploited?

  • Scan history
  • Vulnerability overview
  • Tickets

Overview of total number of vulnerabilities

Get an overview of the total number of identified vulnerabilities, distributed across all scans.

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Overview of vulnerabilities per host

Get an overview of the vulnerabilities per host. Here, we divide the vulnerabilities by level of criticality, where we also indicate whether there are any new vulnerabilities.

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Concrete proposals and recommendations

We explain the vulnerabilities, where we also draw attention to which hosts are affected.

In addition, we prepare concrete proposals and recommendations for dealing with selected vulnerabilities.

Together we will handle the vulnerabilities…
We are available to support you with further information, advice, and guidance if you have any questions about the results of the scan.

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Get rid of vulnerabilities

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Before we can perform a vulnerability scan, we will need access to your IP-addresses and more. Prior to this, we would also like to have a talk with you in order to gain a greater understanding of your situation and so that you can be introduced to the platform.

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