The simple way to train your employees in cyber security and the GDPR.

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What our customers say about us

"I have recommended it to a lot of my colleagues in the industry."
Steen, ADP A/S
"We use CyberPilot as a sparring partner when it comes to Cyber Security, vulnerability scans and awareness-training and we always receive constructive and qualified help."
Lotte, Uniconta
"You touch on an important subject - which is awareness-training for EVERYBODY"
Tina, EUC Sjælland

“I am very satisfied with the entire concept of some of the small exercises that aim to increase employees’ awareness of safety. It is not a large or difficult challenge to begin with, in fact you have the possibility to dose it little by little, thus it won’t be forgotten.”

Aarhus Business College

“We use CyberPilot as an external sparring partner for cyber security and awareness training and have always received constructive and qualified help.”


“I was surprised when a couple of employees, who were shortly into the course, came down to the IT-department suggesting that we use two factor authentication more extensively in the company. Previously, it has always been a struggle to even make them change their passwords! In general, I feel that the employees no longer just think cyber security is a nuisance. They do understand the importance of it.”

Dacapo Stainless

Cyber security and secure handling of personal data should be a priority in all organizations - both small and large - as a result of:

Increasing requirements from legislation including the GDPR.
Security requirements: "The person responsible for data has to take technical and organizational precautions." Security precautions: "Being able to ensure continuous confidentiality, integrity, accessibility and robustness when it comes to systems and services that handle personal data.
Increased threat assessment resulting in more attacks.
During the past few years there has been a clear increase in the amount of Cyber attacks against organizations. Both small and large organizations are being targeted. Organizations that do not take this threat seriously, risk experiencing large financial consequences in the coming years. Cyber crimes are not decreasing.
Increasing demands from partners and customers.
As large companies become more aware of their own cyber security, they are starting to make demands towards their suppliers and partners in relation to cyber security. Many smaller organizations have therefore begun to be confronted by such requirements in terms of cyber security. Therefore, cyber security can be viewed as a good business investment opportunity.

Free e-book on how to train your employees

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Our vision is that strong cyber security should be accessible to all organizations.

We have created a complete and practical guide on how to train your employees in cyber security and the GDPR.


good reasons to implement awareness-training

Fewer security breaches due to errors made by employees - e.g. through phishing emails.

More conscious employees when it comes to dealing with personal data - avoid data breaches.

Documentability and reporting on the training ensures compliance with the requirements of e.g. Data Protection Agencies.

An extremely user-friendly e-learning platform that has been thoroughly tested and with Active Directory Integration to minimize administration.

Access to a well-developed catalog of more than 25 courses, which makes it easy and fast to get started.

More attentive employees in accordance with your current rules and processes.

Minimum time spent by those responsible for developing and holding training when compared to traditional physical courses.

Flexible and time-saving for employees.

CyberPilot helps you from start to finish - in terms of implementation, continuous training material and free access to support and customer service.