Course Catalogue Overview

In order to get an overview of what courses are available to your organisation, click on the Courses icon on your admin homepage. This will take you to a course catalogue overview.

Below the Participation column, you can see how many users are assigned the individual courses. You can make use of all of the available material as you see fit. 

How to test the courses as an admin

If you wish to test out the courses, before assigning these to your users, you can enrol the course to your personal learner profile

Click on the Users icon on the homepage. 

From there you will be directed to a list of all users. In order to assign a user to courses, you will have to click on the specific users name. 
Note that as an admin, you have to click the Learner profile and not the admin, if you want to test the course.

By clicking on the user’s name, you will be directed to an overview of their current user statistics. 
Click on the Courses column at the top of the user profile. 

Here you can see an overview of the courses that you can enrol to the user. Simply click the Enrol now button for the courses that you wish for the user to complete. 

After enrolling the user to a course, the button will change, as can be seen in the image below. 

You can now test the courses by changing over to your learner profile. Shift to this by clicking on your avatar icon in the upper-right corner and choosing the learner profile. 

Now, you are good to go! Enjoy! 

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