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The goal is that everyone gets an optimal yield from the training – the organisation, the ones responsible for the training and each employee. 

CyberPilot awareness-training is e-learning in Cyber security and the GDPR, that the users can access and complete, when and where it suits them best. 

This makes it possible to administer and complete the training in a more efficient manner than if one were to create courses for oneself.


CyberPilot awareness-training is founded on the following principles:


Continuous training


Split into bite-sized pieces lasting 5-7 min.

The advantages of this type of training

Makes it easier for the employees to find time.

Makes it easier to stay aware for a longer time.

Makes it possible to refresh the most important topics.

Training that covers it all

Train your employees in both fundamental and specific awareness.

The fundamental contains relevant topics concerning Cyber security and the GDPR, e.g.:

  • Phishing
  • Passwords
  • Personal data
The specific contains your organisations specific context, e.g.:
  • Your guidelines
  • Your processes
  • Your systems 

You get access to more than 25 courses

We have developed more than 25 courses regarding cyber security and the GDPR. Choose freely between all courses and when they should be distributed to your users.

Three examples of courses


Learning objective: How you make a strong password that you can actually remember.


Learning objective: What personal data is, how you identify it and how you should handle it.


Learning objective: What phishing is, how you identify it and how you can avoid becoming its victim.

The structure of the courses

The format of our training is developed with the aim of ensuring a high level of learning.

The training consists of the following elements:

We continuously develop relevant and up-to-date courses...


... based on your needs.

You also get the possibility to...


Plan a training program that fits your needs.


Add your own material to the platform and through that train your employees on its contents.

CyberPilot Security Platform


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Help and support

We help you every step of the way


Start-up process - including communication towards users.


Structuring your training in regards to courses, extent and frequency.


Help and guidance as to how you can get the most out of the training.


Access to a catalog of guides. You are always welcome to contact us.

Receive updates containing free templates, tools and news from CyberPilot.