How do you train your team in cybersecurity and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?

Awareness training

CyberPilot's awareness training consists of e-learning courses about cybersecurity and GDPR

+100 active organisations

+25 courses


+160.000 completed courses

Why is awareness training important?

CyberPilot's awareness training platform and courses

At CyberPilot, we offer awareness training through our e-learning platform, where we provide courses on a large range of subjects ranging from phishing to personal data. On the platform, you get:


What are your challenges concerning employee training?

9 out of 10 security breaches are caused by human error.
Awareness training can lead to fewer mistakes.
Employees have access to sensitive data.
With a better understanding of the regulations, they can make better choices regarding the handling of personal data.
It is difficult to track participation and level of understanding when using physical courses.
Our platform allows for easy documentation and reporting.
Administration is time-consuming.
The e-learning platform is user-friendly and active directory integration minimizes administration.
Creating educational material is a challenging task.
Get access to more than 25 courses which makes it easy to get started with the training.
Employees have a lack of knowledge about internal guidelines and processes.
Add your own material and test your employees' knowledge.
It takes time, work, and logistics to plan and execute training through physical courses.
Take advantage of e-learning and experience how much time can be saved.
Employees do not have much time for courses and training.
It only takes 5-7 minutes per course. It is time-efficient and manageable for everybody.
Lack of experience with e-learning and not knowing how to approach this.
CyberPilot has helped many organizations in administering awareness training. We are ready to help you!

What do our customers say?

“I am very pleased with the concept of small exercises to help enhance the employees’ sense of security. It can be done in steps, so that you do not have to work with something big or complicated. It makes it easier to remember.”

Aarhus Business College

“We use CyberPilot as an external sparring partner for cybersecurity and awareness training. We have always received constructive and qualified help.”


“I was surprised when a couple of employees, who were shortly into the course, came down to the IT department suggesting that we use two-factor authentication more extensively in the company. Previously, it has always been a struggle to even make them change their passwords! In general, I feel that the employees no longer just think that IT security is a nuisance. They do understand the importance of it.”

Dacapo Stainless

How does awareness-training work?


Free e-book on how to train your employees

Our vision is that strong cybersecurity should be accessible to all organisations.

We have created a complete and practical guide on how to train your employees in cybersecurity and GDPR.

The e-book provides access to a variety of valuable templates, and tools in order for you to get started with training your employees.