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The course

About the course

Saving your work to the cloud has many advantages, but there are also many things to be aware of. In this course, you will learn more about what a cloud service is and which good digital habits to keep in mind when using them.  

Data minimization

Summary for blog

These days, companies want to understand and anticipant the needs of their customers by collecting as much data about them as possible. However, we argue that this can lead to some very costly consequences, and less is more. You will learn why minimising data is good practice and how it relates to the GDPR.

Summary for blog

Because we use the internet so extensively at work, it means that hackers and cybercriminals could be a threat to all organisations. Knowing how to stay safe is vital, both during private use and for work. In this blog, we discuss how blindly browsing can lead to mishaps from GDPR violations to malware. We also give some real-life examples on what to be aware of when browsing the internet.

Data minimization

Other material

Create awareness in your organisation with our posters. You can download the posters and hang them on your walls in your organisation.

In this way your employees willl be reminded of what to be aware of when they see a the posters.

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