Deletion and deactivation of users

CyberPilot advices that you: 

  • Delete a user, if the user is no longer employed at the organisation. 
  • Deactivate a user, if the user is on e.g., maternity/paternity leave, sick leave or leave in general. While the user is deactivated, they will not receive e-mails from the platform and will not be enrolled into new courses. Existing data will be stored. 

If you need to delete or deactivate a user, this can be done under the Users section on the platform homepage. 

To delete:

1. Find the users name and click the trash can under the ‘Operations’ column

2. A box will appear on your screen and ask you to approve the deletion – click ‘approve’ 

3. Return to the homepage and click on ‘Archive’

4. In your archive, you will find the user profile, waiting to be fully deleted. 

5. Click on the trash can under ‘Operations’ in order to complete the deletion. 

To deactivate:

1. Find the users name and click on the green button under the ‘Active’ column, so that it becomes grey 

2. The user is now deactivated 

3. To reactivate the user, simply click the same button again, so it turns green again 

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