Gain Insight of Your Users’ Quiz Results

DisclaimerIf your organisation receives multi-language courses, you cannot get nuanced data on your employees quiz answers. Therefore, this guide is not relevant for you.  

You can see nuanced data on all your employees’ quiz answers. This can be useful as to identify where your employees might have trouble regarding cyber security or GDPR. 

1. Click on Course enrolment & reports on your admin homepage. 

2. On the overview page, click on Quiz at the top. 

3. Click on the course quiz that you wish to view the results from. 

4. When you have clicked on the specific course you wish to see the results from, you can click on Export at the top. An Excel file will automatically be downloaded with the quiz results. 

How to read the report in Excel format:

When you download the report, it will look like this:

In the report, you can see a list of questions from the quiz. In the column to the left of the questions list, you can see the Answer Distribution regarding the employees. In this example there is only one user. When you download a report with multiple users, it will of course contain more calculated results in the Answer Distribution. This section will then contain more nuanced percentages, as some will answer correctly, and some may answer wrong. 

Under the Questions column you can see the correct answer to the question marked in green.

In the bottom of the file, you can see that the report has three sheets: Overview, Details and Timeline.

The report automatically opens on the Overview sheet.

Under the Details page, you can see the name of the employee, their e-mail, and their status in the quiz. In this example, the employee has passed the quiz. 

Under Score and Answer Result you can see the percentage of right answers and which questions were answered correct or wrong. 

Under the page Timeline, you can see when the employee started and finished the quiz as well as how much time they spent on the quiz. Note that the employees have the possibility to retake the quiz if they answer incorrectly, which could potentially reduce the time spent on the quiz a considerable amount. 

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