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Add a course and course content

On this page you will find guides on how to add courses and course content on the Awareness training platform. Below here you can see an overview on the content of this page.  

On this page you will guides on how to add courses and course content on the Awareness training platform. Below here you can see an overview on the content of this page.

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Add a course

As admin you can make your own courses with your own content. This can, for example, be used for internal guidelines, IT policies, emergency drills, instructions for morning gymnastics or whatever you find relevant for your organisation. Remember to read this article before you start. 


In this guide, we will show you how to make your own course. 

1. Click on the Courses icon on your admin homepage. 

2. Then click on Add course. 

3. The form to create a course with will now be visible. Start out by entering a Course image, and then choose a Name and Category. 

4. In the Type column, it should say eLearning. 

5. In Short description you should add a brief description of what the course is aboutWe recommend that you make the first line in the description say “Click ‘Home’ to return to course overview” to help guide your employees. Then write the description below the advisory line. 

6. Leave the Course code box empty. 

7. English is set as the default language, but you can change this to a different language if you wish to. Keep in mind if there are employees with different language skills. 

8. Remove the checkmark from Enable discussions and Show on catalogue. 

9. Leave the remaining columns as they are. 

10. Click Add, and you will now have a course you can add content to and enrol to users. 

Rules for courses

In the course, you will have to set up rules in order to ensure that it is created correctly. Choose the respective course you want to add content to, so that you are at its overview page. 

1. Click on Course rules. 

2. First, make sure that Set the course score equal to is set on The average score of all completed units, as this registers user scores from all the tests in the course. 

3. Completed courses change score should be changed to Better score only. Do not check off the two boxes that will appear below. 

4. Click on Save. 

5. Under Serial traversal ruleactivate Serial rule enabled. This ensures that users cannot skip any steps in the course process and will have to complete every part of your course in chronological order. 

6. Finally, you will not need to make any changes to Completion rules. Leave this as it is. 

7. Course rules are now done. 

Add content

It is now possible to add content such as quizzes, pdf-files, videos etc. to your course. 

1. Go to the course overview page and click on Add content. 

2. A menu will appear beneath. Choose between Add unit and Add test. Unit is used for uploading different types of files, while test is used to create quizzes. We do not advice that you use other functions than these two. See the next two guides on how to use these two functions. 

Add unit: Video, PDF file or other types of files

This is a guide on how to add content through the unit option. 

1. Once you have clicked Add unit as shown in the last section, you will be taken to a unit content form. 

2. In Unit name you write the title of the content. Make sure that you include the type of file in the unit name e.g., ‘Phishing attack – video’. This is the name that users will see when taking the course. 

3. How to complete it should be set to Automatic. This means that the unit will automatically be completed once the unit is opened. 
If you have uploaded a SCORMfile, the unit will be completed once the SCORMfile criteria are met. 

4. Set Source to be a file. 

5. This will change the preview of the form, so that it will look like this: 

6. Click Upload new to upload a video, PDF or SCORMfile. These are file formats that we know works. We cannot guarantee that other types of files will work, but it is up to you if you want to try other types of formats than we recommend.

7. Once the file has been succesfully uploaded, you will see a preview of the file in the new box Content. 

8. Finally, leave Parent unit be and click Save. 

Add a quiz

This is a guide on how to add a quiz through the test option. 

1. Choose and write a Name for the quiz. Do not write anything in the description, as it will not be visible anywhere else. 

2. Time limit and Repetition should be left as they are. 

3. Maintain history should be set to 50 and Mastery score should be made blank. Leave the other columns, down to Traversal, blank. 

4. We recommend that you checkmark One by one and Force answer all for Traversal, and Redo only wrong answers and Immediate feedback for Completion. 

5. Remove the checkmarks from ListWeights and Splash screen for Display. 

6. Leave the Test mode box as it is, so that it stays on Normal. 

7. Click Save and select questions. 

8. You will now arrive to the following page: 

Now that you have made a quiz, it is time to add in questions. There are multiple types of questions, but we recommend the ones you will see illustrated below. You are welcome to explore other types of questions. 

Multiple choice – Single answer

1. Click Add question and choose Multiple choice – Single answer, which will take you to the question form page. 

2. Write the quiz question under Question text. 

3. Write the answer options and mark the correct answer in the right side of the answer’s box. 
If you wish to add more questions, simply click on the +. 

4. We recommend that you do not make any changes to Associated unitDifficulty, and Seconds to complete. 

5. You can write an explanation for the correct answer in the Explanation column. 

6. Leave the Associated Skill box empty. 

7. Click Save question and the question will be added to your quiz. 

Multiple choice – Many answers

This option functions in the precise same manner as Multiple choice – Single AnswerFollow the same procedure but start out by choosing the multiple answer option. 

Complete the steps in the same order and manner as if it was the single answer option but mark more than one answer option as the right answers. 

Remember to click Save question. 

You can add as many different questions as you want to your quiz. The world is your oyster! 

Once the questions are saved, they can be seen in an overview. Here you can see the name of the question and what type they are (SA = Single answer, MA = Multiple answers). 

After you have added all of your questions, the course is ready to be used and you can assign it to your users. If you need help with how to do this, you can find help here. 

Remember to test both completion and reporting before you assign your course. See how to do that here. 

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