Enrol and Unenrol a Single User from Courses

How to enrol or unenrol single users from courses

Enrol a user for courses:

1. On your admin homepage, click on Users.

2. Select the user you wish to assign to a course by clicking on the users name. 

3. You will now see an overview of the user’s statistics. Click on Courses in the bar at the top of the profile 

4. Here, you will see a list of the courses available to enrol for the user.

5. Click on the Enrolment button that belongs to the course you wish to enrol the user for. On the image to the right, you can see that the buttons are white and says ‘Enrol now’ – this means that the user, at this moment, is not enrolled for the courses on the list. 

6. After clicking ‘Enrol now’ on the courses you wish for the user to complete, the buttons will change colour and now say ‘Enrolled’. The user is now ready to start their training. 

Unenrol a user from a course:

To unenrol a user from a course, please follow the same steps as described above. 

1. Once you get to the list of courses the user is enrolled for, simply click on the Enrolled button of the course you wish to unenrol the user from. 

2. The buttons will then change colour and now say ‘Enrol now’. You have now successfully unenrolled a user from a course

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